Key English German
api_not_enabled_dialog The API is not activated on this instance. Contact your administrator to ask them to activate it.
total_exceeds_album_limit You chose more images than the maximum your server allows (%1$s). Images beyond the limit have been ignored.
size_exceeds_instance_limit Size of image number %1$d in the album exceeds the maximum size allowed by the instance (%2$d kB but the limit is %3$d kB). You might not be able to upload it.
upload_error Error code returned by server: %1$d
likes %d Like
shares %d Share
nb_followers %d
nb_following %d
edit_link_failed Failed to open edit page
empty_feed Nothing to see here :(
follow_requested Follow Requested
dialog_message_cancel_follow_request Cancel the follow request?
discover_no_infinite_load Discover doesn't load infinitely. Pull to refresh for other images.
delete_post_failed_error Could not delete the post, error %1$d
delete_post_failed_io_except Could not delete the post, check your connection?